Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Brunch with the sister at Baker & Cook

My sister is a cafe junkie. She loves exploring new places and eating overpriced brunches. A new cafe opened near our place and we decided to head over there for brunch. It wasn't our first time at Baker & Cook but we went there during dinner time previously and didn't have the chance to try the brunch menu.

Singapore cafe
The interior of Baker & Cook/Plank

The place houses two establishments - Baker & Cook, where you get your coffee, brunch and baked goods, and Plank where they serve sourdough pizzas. 

Singapore cafe

Singapore cafe

Singapore cafe

Singapore cafe

Singapore brunch cafe

The coffee was great and the food pretty decent. Not a huge fan of the pancakes and they gave us the wrong order for our Egg Benedict - with bacons instead of smoked salmon. 

Baker & Cook/Plank
#1 Swan Lake Ave - Opera Estate East 
Singapore 455700.

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