Monday, 13 July 2015

Review: Ettusais BB Mineral Liquid

Hello and this is the very first post of this blog!

Recently I was on a hunt for a BB cream that will be great for daily usage. The criteria I had was:

  1. BB cream should not feel like foundation on my face, I wanted something lightweight and feels like second skin. 
  2. It should not break me out and this is huge factor because I have sensitive skin.
  3. It should not be too fair or look ashy on me. I've gotten BB creams from other brands before but they always look too light or grayish on me. I don't aspire to have fifty shades of gray on me. So finding a tone that fits my tan yellowy skin is important. 

While reading and watching tons of beauty reviews and videos, the brand Ettusais caught my attention. A Japanese youtuber SekineRisa reviewed the Ettusais Aqua Foundation and I was intrigued by how the foundation matches her asian skin tone. Cutting the long story short, I went to the Ettusais website, read up about its BB creams and marched down to a Ettusais counter.

Ettusais has a couple of BB creams available: BB Mineral Cream, BB Mineral Gel, BB Mineral White and BB Mineral Liquid. Okay that was a lot of 'BB' in one sentence!

The Ettusais sales assistant asked me a couple of questions on my skin type - I have a oily T-zone and sensitive cheeks - and introduced me the BB Mineral Liquid. I intended to find out more about the other products but... English wasn't the SA's first language and also she directed me straight to the paying counter right after I confirmed my selection. -_-

Anyway, let's get right to the product!

Japanese BB Cream

Official Product Description: 
An all-in-one makeup base, foundation and concealer that spreads easily, makes the skin fresh and light to give a smooth, matte finish. Let's go matte and smooth with this 8-in-1 liquid foundation! The ultra-light liquid to powder foundation leaves your skin feeling naturally soft, supple with no sticky after feel! It spreads easily and adheres well to the skin. Shine-Free Powder and Smooth Matte Powder rapidly absorb sebum to achieve a natural lasting finish. With SPF 35 PA ++, it protects skin from UV rays!

The packaging also likened the final skin texture after application to a baby's skin. *raise eyebrow*

Firstly, the bottle is small, it fits smugly into the size of my palm and the product feels light which is great for travelling, and I often need to bring my makeup out.


The product is watery and light, and you need to shake the bottle before applying, very much like most Japanese sunscreens. 

There are two shades in total:
(taken from Ettusais' website)

The SA recommended Natural Beige and I bought that.

Japanese BB cream swatch

The BB Mineral Liquid in Natural Beige

The consistency of the product is true to its namesake - Liquid. So it's not heavy nor creamy. The photo above is before application. I have slight redness and an uneven skin tone.

After Application

This BB Mineral Liquid evens out my skin and covers up the redness and little imperfections I have on my arm. One thing to note, you have to apply and blend this out really quickly as it settles into a powdery finish in seconds. 

I have used this BB Mineral Liquid out on a couple of occasions.

  • The powdery finish makes well for my oily T-zone. I only started to get shiny after 5 - 6 hours.
  • The coverage is good and does a decent job at covering pimple scars. Although I would still have a layer of concealer under this Mineral Liquid.
  • Problem with the powdery finish is I can't use cream products after applying this because it creases. T_T
  • It did not break me out!
  • The shade Natural Beige suits my yellow based skin and I don't look gray. WOOHOO.
  • The product slowly disappears from my T-zone thanks to its Holy Oilyness but it stays put on the rest of my face
This is definitely one idiot-proof product that I can slap on and dash out of the house without worrying about having an even finish or my skin resembling the corpse bride!

Bought it for S$38 at the Ettusais Counter at Tampines Mall Isetan.

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